Common Errors

Here are some common errors and how to fix them!

You lack the required entitlement to use

This message might pop up in either the client or server console. To fix it, just make sure you have the right server license key from the same account where you got the resources.

All resources work through the FiveM Tebex Escrow System. This means assets are tied to a Keymaster account and can only be used with a license key from that account.

To solve this, check that your server license key matches the one from the account where you got the resource. Also, don't forget to restart the server after installing it.

Make sure your server stuff is all up-to-date, too.

Syntax error near

You might see this error in the client console. To fix it, take a look at the contents of the resource folder on your server. Make sure there's a .fxap file in there like the one shown below: